About Us

A man should be two things:

classy and well-dressed.

Little details are vital because little things make big things happen.

At Vizoni Uomo, we believe this to be absolutely true.  We work night and day to find the best materials for our dress shirts and ties and to stay ahead of fashion trends so that you can be dressed well for each and every occasion.  Whether you are getting dressed for a job interview, a wedding or even for the 9-5, we pay the utmost attention to detail, so that you don’t have to.  From the careful placement of tone on tone buttons, or collar-stays and spare buttons, to the selection of the finest natural and man-made materials, the consideration and care to detail that we put into the creation of our dress shirts and ties will prove to you that we are heavy hitters in the menswear industry; but most importantly the attention to details will truly help make you stand above other and truly feel good while doing it.

To be better, you've got to do better.

We work hard, so you can play harder.  At Vizoni Uomo, we aren’t into cutting corners.  With an established presence of over thirty-five years in local areas, the one thing we want to do more than anything is to bring you the good stuff, each and every time.

A man is only as good as his word.

  This old saying holds true for us more than anything else.  We know that shopping online can sometimes be challenging, that’s why we promise to keep you satisfied with the best and most convenient service we can offer.  We carefully examine all our clothing and accessories for any type of imperfection before we send it out to you.  At Vizoni Uomo, we make sure you are satisfied and happy with all aspects of our service, whether it be the ease of navigation through our site or the speediness of the delivery of your clothing.  If there is any issue or concern you may have during any process of your visit or purchase, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  Our dedicated support team will do whatever they can to keep this promise.